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Twenty Minutes Still

Twenty Minutes Still draws upon various traditions of meditation, as practiced for many thousands of years in the East — a practice of which Westerners are now realizing the benefits! The meditation techniques offered can be used by people of any (or no) religious background, and no particular spiritual or religious background is assumed. Also, you do not need to be able to sit on the floor! A variety of props are available, including chairs, meditation benches, and pillows and cushions. Each instructor will help you find what is comfortable for you.

Zen meditation is based on the Buddhist principle of letting go of the self, but has been widely adapted in the West for use by people of any tradition or background. Annie Markovich is one of the leaders of the Wednesday evening Zen meditation group at Rockefeller, presented jointly by the Spiritual Life Office at Rockefeller Chapel and Ancient Dragon Zen Gate, Chicago's Zen temple.

Mindfulness meditation is a Western adaptation of Buddhist meditation, widely used by psychologists in the form of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), which emphasizes bringing complete attention to the present moment. Ginger Carr is director of wellness for the University's Student Counseling Resource Center (SCRS), and she leads SCRS classes in mindfulness meditation on Monday afternoons at Rockefeller.

Restorative yoga consists of gentle stretches in quiet stillness, with each pose held for several minutes. Meredith Haggerty leads wellness programs for the Student Care Center, and is a qualified yoga teacher and massage therapist. She will be offering optional neck and shoulder massage after the twenty-minute yoga practice each week.

Meditation with chant is based on the ancient Indian traditions of the yogis, using the Indian harmonium to lead gentle, repetitive chant which has the effect of focusing the mind through music. Elizabeth Davenport is dean of Rockefeller Chapel and director of the Spiritual Life Office, and is a licensed Ananda Sangha meditation teacher.

Indian-style meditation focuses on stilling the body and mind, and opening the heart to come to a deeper consciousness of self. Christian Williams is a member of the Rockefeller Chapel staff and also an M.Div student in the Divinity School, and is a licensed Ananda Sangha meditation teacher.