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Meditation and Yoga

Student and Campus Groups

See for updated contact information for particular groups. Information on Buddhist meditation practices can be found under Buddhist groups.


Art of Living
Student Transcendental Meditation Association
Samatha Buddhist Meditation
Shambhala Buddhist Meditation
Vipassana Buddhist Meditation
Wake Up UChicago, Buddhist Meditation
Zen Buddhist Meditation


Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga Club

Campus Resources


Mindfulness Meditation
Ongoing workshops designed to cultivate the practice of mindfulness in a nonreligious setting. Look for new information coming up about autumn classes.
Ginger Carr staff contact

Twenty Minutes Still
Twenty minutes of quiet at Rockefeller before the start of classes, every weekday of the autumn, winter, and spring quarters at 8 am.
Meredith Haggerty staff contact


Gentle Yoga
A combination of easy movements and breathing exercises to soothe stiff necks and backs. Bring a yoga mat if possible, wear loose clothing. 
Meredith Haggerty staff contact 

Restorative Yoga
Set technology aside for an hour, breathe deeply, and gently place your body in positions that restore aching muscles. Bring a yoga mat if possible, wear loose clothing. 
Meredith Haggerty staff contact 

Also check out the Yoga classes offered at Ratner!

Community Resources

Chaturanga Holistic Fitness 1525 E. 55th Street 
Vinyasa and Hatha yoga classes. Sessions are also offered in a range of meditative practices.

Spiritual Life is happy to provide resources for LGBTQ students who wish to find a religious, spiritual, and/or philosophical student group or community which fully welcomes them into ritual observances and leadership roles.