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Staff & Religious Advisors

Meet the Spiritual Life team: chat over chai, find community or resources, connect with people, get involved with programs that center on questions of spirituality and meaning, seek spiritual care. 

Who we are


Jigna Shah
Assistant Dean of Rockefeller Chapel and Director of Spiritual Life

Seher Siddiqee
Assistant Director of Spiritual Life and Advisor for Muslim Affairs

Angela Parkinson
Ceremonial and Special Events Coordinator

Spiritual Life Partners

Spiritual Life recognizes individuals from particular traditions who serve the campus as a whole, and also works with campus partners from key offices. 

Advisors, listed below, work with Spiritual Life and other campus partners to provide support for members of their own and other traditions. They may be clergy or representatives of non-profit organizations, or faculty or community partners who work with students of traditions where no professional advisor exists. Advisors sign and abide by the Ethical Framework for Religious and Spiritual Life.

Campus Partners

Swapna Chinniah & Jacqueline Gaines
The College

Yu-Yun Liu
Student Counseling Services

Karen Pryor
Center for Leadership and Involvement


Rev. Stacy Alan 
Episcopal Chaplain and Director, Brent House

Rev. Brad Beier 
Pastor and Campus Minister, Living Hope Christian Church

Rabbi Yossi Brackman
Rabbi and Executive Director, Rohr Chabad Jewish Center

Rev. Angie Buchanan
Advisor for Pagan Students

Rev. Julian DeShazier 
Pastor, University Church

Nicholas Foster 
Campus Minister, Cru Global Ministries (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Jacob Judd 
Advisor, Latter-day Saints Student Association

Fr. Andrew Liaugminas 
Chaplain and Director, Calvert House (Catholic Center)

Rabbi Anna Levin-Rosen 
Executive Director, Newberger Hillel Jewish Center

Rebecca Luft
Presbytera, Orthodox Christian Chaplaincy and Fellowship

Matthew Moran
Advisor, Calvert House (Catholic Center)

Moises Mendez
Graduate Student Advisor, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Rev. Elijah Mueller 
Chaplain, Orthodox Christian Chaplaincy and Fellowship

Charles Nolley 
Advisor, Bahá’i Association

David Park
Advisor, MakeNew Christian Fellowship

Angela Parkinson
Advisor, UChicago Confucian Commons

Rev. Matthew Stuhlmuller
Campus Minister, Augustana Lutheran Church

Michael Schnabel
Buddhist Advisor

Ajooni Sethi
Advisor, Sikh Student Association

Rev. Eric Shutt 
Advisor, Zen Buddhist Meditation

Swami Ishatmananda
Hindu Advisor, Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago

HC Yang
Undergraduate Ministry Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship