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Get Involved

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. During the academic quarter, you can drop by our space (Ida Noyes 034) to talk with a friend, enjoy the quiet of the meditation space, or do some beading while relaxing music plays in the background.

Meditate in the embrace of Rockefeller’s great stones or in the mystical space of Bond. Come find the Muslim prayer room in the lower level of Ida Noyes Hall alongside the meditation room at Spiritual Life, or the Hindu prayer room in the lower level of Rockefeller Chapel.

Come and explore the great questions that religion prompts in an atmosphere which recognizes that religion is sometimes a positive and sometimes a problematic force in the world.

Find out about the (eighty and counting!) religious and spiritual organizations and networks connected to Spiritual Life. 

Integrative Spiritual Practice

Here are just some of our regular offerings!

  • Twenty Minutes Still, twenty minutes of meditative quiet before the start of classes, every weekday at 8 am at Bond.
  • Yoga at Rockefeller, 5:30–6:30 pm every Tuesday at Rockefeller (from Weeks 2–9 during the academic quarter, autumn through spring).

Our many partner organizations offer gatherings for the religious observances of particular traditions.