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Student Groups

Spiritual Life Collective

Student advisory board for Spiritual Life, comprised of students from diverse religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions. The group engages in interfaith dialogue, leadership development, and event collaboration.
Jigna Shah staff advisor 

Interfaith Dialogue

Student-led group that meets quarterly to engage in various kinds of interfaith dialogue.
Kjersten Adams student contact 

Faith & Spirituality in Social Work (SSA)

To provide an outlet for discussion, support, and learning around issues concerning the intersection of faith, spirituality, and social work.  The group will carry out this purpose through  discussions and speaker events, as well as regular opportunities for prayer, ini hopes of increasing awareness and understanding of these issues in an open and supportive environment.
Shefy Alexander-Simon student contact
Saeed Richardson student contact

Multi-faith/Spiritual Student Network

Joshua Oxley advisor contact

Open Space

Chelsea Cornelius student contact

Spirituality and Medicine Interest (Pritzker)

Fosters discussions, dialogue, and education about the intersections between faith/sprirituality/religious background and the practice of medicine.  Students of any background (faith or no faith) are welcome to join these conversations.  This group also seeks to be a liaison between the Program on Medicine and Religion at the University of Chicago and hopes to connect students with faculty members who are conducting research on these topics.
Aamir Hussain student contact

Campus Resources

Spiritual Life Staff
Jigna Shah, Director
Seher Siddiqee, Assistant Director
Spiritual Life Assistants
Joshua Oxley, Spiritual Advisor

Community Resources

Hyde Park and Kenwood Interfaith Council
Sounds of Faith, Harran Productions Foundation
The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions 
Interfaith Worker Justice
Interfaith Youth Core
Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago
Niagara Foundation, Center for Interfaith Engagement
Soul Space Interfaith

Spiritual Life is happy to provide resources for LGBTQ students who wish to find a religious, spiritual, and/or philosophical student group or community which fully welcomes them into ritual observances and leadership roles.