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Grief Resources

Are you feeling out of it, lonely, uncertain, sad, tired, unmotivated, upset, angry?

These are some of the many feelings that can accompany the experiences of grief and loss, which can be triggered by a number of experiences or incidents. Especially during Covid-19 and physical distancing, there is a lot of uncertainty and rapid change.  Navigating through these feelings and experiences can be confusing and overwhelming. You are not alone. We welcome any conversation, questions, and musings, please email Jigna to find a time we can chat with you.

What is Grief?

Grief comes in many forms, below are a few descriptions of what grief can be and not. This has been adapted from Actively Moving Forward.

Grief is... Grief is not...

...a journey
...wanting to say your person or pet’s name
...having emotions hit you at the random times
...giving yourself a break now & then
...asking for support
...sometimes putting your needs first
..an individual experience
...finding what feels right for you
...dealing with tough stuff
...something that grows & changes with us
...feeling foggy somedays
...finding balance
...a judgement free zone
...learning it’s ok not to always feel ok
...adjusting to change
...mixed with other feelings
...feeling alone even with people around you.

...a liner set of stages to go through
...moving on and having to forget them
...just getting over your feelings
...having to always do it by yourself
...the same for everyone
...always hard. Somedays might feel more “normal"
...isolating yourself because no one understands
...ignoring it and hoping it will just go away
...something that just ends
...something you should have to hide from others
...judging yourself for feeling that way
...sticking to other people’s expectations
...on anyone else’s timeline
...putting memories on a shelf and walking away
...always putting on a mask of happiness
...avoiding happiness


What is available to me as a student?

We are here to help you find the best support and resources for you. 

Speak with someone in Sprirtual Life
We are a team of diverse Religious & Spiritual Advisors who are here to listen. You do not have to have the same beliefs as us or subscribe to any traidion in particular, we come with many different experties. If you are not sure who might be a good fit, reach out to Jigna.

Student Counseling Services

Dean on Call 
Call 773-702-8181 or Access through UChicago Safe App.

Online Resources
Actively Moving Forward (National Organization)
Avoiding the Cliches
Catholic Resources on Grief and Loss
Grief: The New Normal
Grief and Loss in Islam
Lamentations: Worship in a Minor Key (YouTube Playlist)
Living with Grief
Orthodox Christian Grief Resources
Prayer in Times of Crisis
Reflections on the Book of Lamentations
Supporting Students Coping with Grief
The Mourner's Bill of Rights

Getting Greif Right: Finding Your Story of Love in the Sorrow of Loss
Modern Loss: Candid Conversations About Grief. Beginners Welcome.

For faculty and staff, please reach out to Maurice Charles, Dean of Rockefeller Chapel.

If you would like to pay tribute to a loved one(s), we are happy to help you plan the best way to honor their life. Email us at spirit@uchicago.edu.  

If you would like to plan a memorial, please contact, Matthew Dean, Director of University Chapels.