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Spiritual Life

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We have several opportunities for you to be in community with others.

Spiritual & Religious Student Gatherings

Spiritual Life Virtual Programs (Summer 2020)

20 Minutes Still Meditation
Gentle Yoga
Yoga Flow

We come together as Buddhists, Catholics, Humanists, [add your tradition here], in between, none, or all. 

Consonant with the great intellectual strengths of the University of Chicago, we approach with rigor questions about what it means to live in an interreligious era and to understand the spiritual and the philosophical as integrative for human life and endeavor.

Spiritual & Religious Student Gatherings

Becoming Centered

Self-exploration & Reflection. Find time today to engage within. 

Daily Prompts

Spiritual Life ANYTIME programs
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Need Spiritual Support? Call, email or request a zoom meeting.
Maurice Charles | 773.702.8282
Jigna Shah | 774.834.1885
Seher Siddiqee | 773.702.2484

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