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Spiritual Life

We come together as Buddhists, Catholics, Humanists, [add your tradition here], in between, none, or all. 

Consonant with the great intellectual strengths of the University of Chicago, we approach with rigor questions about what it means to live in an interreligious era and to understand the spiritual and the philosophical as integrative for human life and endeavor.

COVID-19 & Spring Break Closure Information
The University Chapels will be closed to the public until further notice.

All gatherings at Rockefeller and Bond Chapels and at the Spiritual Life are suspended until further notice. Click here for a letter from the Dean, and visit coronavirusupdates.uchicago.edu for the most current campus information.

Virtual Programming Survey for Spring 2020!
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Virtual Living Room [Coming Soon!]

Daily Prompts

Monday: What am I grateful for?
Tuesday: Who am I connecting with today?
Wednesday: How am I moving my body?
Thursday: What beauty am I creating, cultivating, inviting today?
Friday: What expectations of 'normal' am I letting go of today?
If you would like to share with Spiritual Life community, submit your prompt response by email here.

Spiritual Life ANYTIME programs!
Click on any of the pre-recorded programs below to access anytime!

20 Minutes Still Meditation [audio only]
20 Minutes Still Meditation

Gentle Yoga, 5 Minutes
Gentle Yoga, 15 Minutes
Gentle Yoga, 30 Minutes
Gentle Yoga,  1 Hour

Need Spiritual Support?
Call, email or request a zoom meeting.

Jigna Shah | 774.834.1885
Seher Siddiqee | 773.702.2484

Religious/Spiritual Advisors Virtual Office Hours [Coming Soon!]