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Student Leaders

Annual Registration for UChicago Religious/Spiritual Student Communities

All UChicago Religious/Spiritual student communties (RSOs and Non-RSOs) should register with the Spiritual Life office. Registration allows us to list your group (description, contact info, meeting information), so that UChicago students visiting our website can find and connect with your community.

Virtual Fair: UChicago Religious/Spiritual Groups

Student groups are invited to submit a 2-3 minute video and/or pdf of any information you would generally highlight for new students, including; programs, services, etc.. The videos remain on our YouTube channel for students to access at any time. To submit, you must be registered with our office.

Virtual Gathering(s) 

If your group will be hosting virtual gatherings (weekly meetings, special programs/events, etc.), you are welcome to submit the information here, so that we can include it on our live calendar feed under 'community'. We often receive inquiries from students looking for this kind of information for your groups.

Spiritual Life Council

Student advisory board for Spiritual Life, comprised of students from diverse religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions. The group engages in interfaith dialogue, leadership development, and event collaboration. Apply to serve on the Spiritual Life Council.

Chai/Coffee Chats with Jigna

Wednesdays from 2–2:30 pm CST
If there's something I can help you with, or if you’d like to just drop in and say hello, please feel free to drop in during my weekly chai/coffee chat time (access live on zoom through our website: spirit.uchicago.edu) or if that time doesn't work, I'm also happy to schedule a time and a method of communication that works best for you (email, phone, zoom). We want to hear from you directly on how we can best support you as a student leader and the communities you serve.