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Student Group

Muslim Students Association

Email: msauchicago0@gmail.com | Student Leaders: Mohamed Fawaz, Sammy Allaw | Advisor: Jigna Shah

The MSA connects all Muslim students and community members at UChicago, regardless of program affiliation, and helps them stay grounded in Deen throughout their time at university. We often hold social gatherings where we make new friends and catch up with old friends, but also many religious events where we learn more about Islam and how it should shape our lives as Muslims. We hold weekly Qur'an club and Halaqas, and we also regularly invite guest scholars to share their wisdom with us. We hold daily prayers and Jumu'ah on campus (please don't hesitate to reach out for details!). Whether you are already a devout Muslim or are looking to learn about Islam, our doors are always open. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all, and we would love to see you! 

Muslim Medical Students Association

Email: pritzkermmsa@gmail.com | Student Leaders: Hassaan AsifNour Asfour

The Muslim Medical Students Association (MMSA) strives to create a positive and comfortable environment for both Pritzker medical students who identify as Muslim, and medical students who are interested in learning more about the Islamic faith tradition.

Ahl al-Bayt Society

Facebook | Student Leaders: Salman Safir, Ameena Yovan | Advisor: Jigna Shah

The Ahl al-Bayt Society supports the religious development of Shi’i students at The University of Chicago.

Campus Resources

Prayer Spaces
Prayer Rooms in Ida Noyes lower level and in the Regenstein Library's B-Level are open daily for individual and group use during building hours, with a valid University ID for access. For access, email Spiritual Life. The space is currently closed.

Jumu’ah Prayers at Bond Chapel
(During the academic year. Suspended for Autumn 2020):

Fridays at 1:20 pm 

Looking for UChicago Dining information?

Community Resources

Masjid Al-Faatir, 1200 East 47th Street
Masjid Al-Ihsan, 321 East Pershing Road
Downtown Islamic Center, 231 S. State Street

Hyde Park Dining, Halal options
Cedars Mediterranean, The Nile Restaurant, Café 53, Pizza Capri, & the Valley of Jordan Grocery Store and Deli

IMAN Inner-City Muslim Action Network
Sirat Chicago
Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago 

Spiritual Life is happy to provide resources for LGBTQ students who wish to find a religious, spiritual, and/or philosophical student group or community which fully welcomes them into ritual observances and leadership roles.